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  • Conference Schedule

    Tuesday, February 21st: 3:15-7:45 PM
    Wednesday, February 22nd: 3:15-8:15 PM
    Thursday, February 23rd: 7:30 AM-12:00 PM

Click the photo for an enhanced view of our Mission, Vision, and Values!

Lincoln Mission and Vision

2022-23 DCSD School Calendar

Lincoln Elementary Tutoring Calendar 2022-23

What did one dove say to the other dove? I dove you!
What is blue and not that heavy? Light blue!
Why did the bird get in trouble in school? He was tweeting on a test!

Student with indi robotLincoln 1st Graders Meet indi!

Thanks to a grant award from the Foundation for Dubuque Public Schools and the Judi Chandlee Tribute to Teachers Endowment our 1st graders had the opportunity to learn about Sphero indi, a robot that teaches computational thinking and problem-solving skills! Using this unplugged approach to coding, students placed color tiles on the floor and used their creativity through hands-on play to build mazes that programmed indi to drive. Click HERE to view a video of the 1st graders and indi in action!

Watch this Veterans Day Video by the 2nd Graders!

Students with Thank You Veterans poster.

Meet Roscoe our Lincoln Therapy Dog!
Click HERE to Learn More!

Therapy Dog, Roscoe

THANK YOU to the Dubuque Racing Association for their investment in Lincoln Elementary!
Our students love their new makerspace! Thanks for your contribution to #OurPride!

Students listening to a book being read while sitting on the new DRA cushions in the library. Two students reading on the new DRA beanbag chairs. Students working on inquiry project on new DRA table.

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Bullying, harassment, & discrimination are not tolerated in our schools.
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