There was quite a “battle” going on in the gym last Friday! That is, the Battle of the Books between two 5th grade student teams and two staff member teams. These teams battled for points by answering questions about the 2015-16 Iowa Children’s Choice Award books they’ve been reading since January. The 2nd-5th grade audience showed much enthusiasm and excitement as many had the opportunity to read these books as well.

It was an extremely tight battle as the two student teams were tied right up to the last question! In the end, the following students won top honors to attend the District Battle – Devonna, Kyren, Haley, Zatorria and Deniece. The District Battle will be held on Friday, May 20, 1:30 pm at Bryant School. Congratulations are in order for our 2nd place team who put forth a valiant effort – Shaylee Atchison, Caleb Coley, Makyah Granacki-Bluhm, Perry Huang and Rylie Schumacher. Kudos to our winning adult team – Ms. Beadle, Mr. Jones, Mr. Oberdoerster, Ms. Olds and Ms. Roper. A win-win for all as students and staff benefitted from this great literacy event!

1st Place Team Members –


 Hayley, Mark Schmitt – MC, Zatorria, Kyren, Deniece, Devonna, Dr. Donna Loewen